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New Titles in the AiKi Relationship Training Series

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The AiKi of Attention:
The 15 Love Languages
That Heal Marriages

The 15 Love Languages 
That Heal Marriages

The AiKi of Intimacy:
The Martial Art of Marriage
Peaceable Ways to Halt Hostility,
Ditch Defensiveness, Cure
Conflict, and Enjoy Intimacy

The AiKi of Conversation:
Interrupt Me, Please
Use Disruption to Improve Communication, Not Derail It

The AiKi of Boundaries:
It's Not About You
Six Techniques for Setting 
Healthy, Kind, Unbreakable 
Relationship Limits

The AiKi of the Brain:
Mind Over Marriage 
Twelve Counter-Intuitive Ideas
That Make Intimacy Work

Our big book, The AiKi of Intimacy: The Martial Art of Marriage, is scheduled for publication autumn of 2020. Watch this space for publication details, or sign up to receive notification when we release new titles in the series.

Other Publications

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