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About the Institute

The Relationship Institute is the coaching, research, publishing, and speaking affiliate of Allied Family Therapy.

Our approach uses The Skripts Method, along with a martial-arts metaphor, to coach relationship, communication, and life skills.

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About Our Projects

🗨️  Visit The Skripts Project, an interpersonal communication tool that ends conflict and builds better connection. 

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✍️  We write about relational psychology, mental health, emotional resilience, and finding joy at Relating, the magazine for the Relationship Institute. You can also find us online at Medium. 

🤝  Dr. LauraMaery Gold is a clinical therapist, providing counseling to clients in Washington State and around the world at Allied Family Therapy.

📣  She also provides couples and individual relationship coaching to US clients outside Washington State through The Relationship Institute

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About Dr. Gold

Dr. LauraMaery Gold is credentialed in Washington State as Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and Certified Counselor (CC). She is in clinical practice at Allied Family Therapy. She is also director of The Relationship Institute, where she provides training through books, articles, and speaking engagements on issues relating to communication, intimacy, and relationships. Her doctoral dissertation formed the foundation of The Skripts Project, a communication tool shown in clinical settings to save relationships.

She is the author of  several books on family concerns: education, marriage, relationships, family financial planning and investing, and faith.

She earned her doctorate in Counseling Psychology, and her master's in Marriage and Family Therapy. She also holds a law degree and certification as a financial counselor. Her undergraduate work was a combined degree in Family Counseling and Financial Planning. Before becoming a therapist she was an executive editor, director, and publisher of several business and technology publications.   

She is a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), and was a long-time volunteer at the Recovery Help Line of the Seattle Crisis Clinic.

She and her husband Dan Post are the parents of five sons, two daughters, and several absolutely perfect kids-in-law. They are also the very proud grandparents of five beautiful granddaughters. They now alternate their time between North America and Europe.