Coaching Services

Finally: the secret to healthier, more fulfilling relationships, from The Relationship Institute. With a wealth of experience, best-selling author and clinical therapist Dr. LauraMaery Gold provides relationship coaching that can transform all your connections, whether you're part of a couple or an individual seeking personal growth.

At The Relationship Institute, Dr. Gold utilizes the Skripts Method, a proven system that resolves interpersonal conflicts and fosters deeper relational connection. Through her guidance, you'll learn the art of effective communication, resolving long-standing conflict and strengthening the bonds that matter most to you.

But the benefits don't stop there. Dr. Gold is also a qualified financial coach, equipped to help couples navigate the often challenging waters of money management. If financial disagreements have strained your relationship, her expertise can provide the solutions you need to achieve financial harmony.

For entrepreneurs running family businesses, Dr. Gold offers specialized coaching to improve relationships with family coworkers and employees. Her insights can transform your workplace dynamics, fostering collaboration, understanding, and ultimately, greater success for both your business and your family life.

Whether it's relationships, finances, or small business, The Relationship Institute is your key to a more harmonious future in your personal and professional relationships. Dr. Gold's expertise and compassionate guidance will empower you to overcome obstacles, improve communication, and create lasting connections. Book your coaching session today and take the first step towards a more fulfilling and harmonious life.